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Replacement New 4400mAh 14.8V Asus W3 Laptop Battery

replacement Asus W3 laptop battery
Asus W3 Battery

New,1 year warranty
Brand New! 1 Year Warranty !
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Asus W3 Battery Replacement is rated at 4400mAh 14.8V.Asus W3 replacement battery is designed for use for the Asus laptops.We guarantee the Asus W3 Laptop Battery for 1 year and 30-day money-back.The Asus W3 battery was tested to match and/or exceed specifications of the original product.New battery for asus W3, Li-ion cell, no memory. Overcharge protection and overheat switch, safe used.

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Porduct Warranty

Laptop Battery Maintenance

  1. Activate new Asus W3 battery want your notebook battery longevity, there must be a good beginning, which may from time to purchase notebook you.
  2. Asus W3 Battery works the best in a condition of 20-30 temperature. It may shorten battery run time if heightening or lowering the temperature.
  3. Recommend the use of external hard disks to power, the use of external hard disks should be battery power down.
  4. Laptop battery undergo self-discharging when left unused. Always store a battery for Asus W3 in a fully charged stage for storage.
  5. Fully drain and fully recharge your battery pack every few months.
  6. It is recommended to conduct a complete charge and discarge cycle for the W3 battery every three months on average.
  7. Leaving a battery in a laptop while using an electrical outlet for long periods of time will keep the battery in a constant state of charging up and that will reduce the life cycle of the Asus W3 Battery.

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