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Replacement For 20V 4.25A 85W Apple A1297 AC Adapter/Charger With Free Power Cord

replacement apple a1297 power adapter
Replacement Laptop AC Adapter

New,1 year warranty
Brand New! 1 Year Warranty !
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This is a Brand New 85W Replacement Apple A1297 Power Supply.The apple a1297 ac adapter guaranteed to meet or exceed your originals performance, comes with a 1 year warranty.New Replacement Apple A1297 Laptop AC Adapter 85W 20V 4.25A with MagSafe 2mm Plug, Power Cord included. Hi-Quality & Cost-effective Battery Charger works for Your Laptop.

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Compatible Part Number:

Compatible with Laptop Models:

Apple MacBook Pro MD103 AC Adapter, Apple MacBook Pro MD104 AC Adapter

Apple MacBook Pro MD103 MD104 15.4-Inch Retina Display
Apple MacBook Pro MD103LL/A MD103D/A MD103B/A MD103F/A
Apple MacBook Pro MD103J/A MD103K/A MD103N/A MD103Y/A MD103X/A
Apple MacBook Pro MD104LL/A MD104D/A MD104B/A MD104F/A
Apple MacBook Pro MD104J/A MD104K/A MD104N/A MD104Y/A MD104X/A
Apple MacBook Pro MC975 MC976 15.4-Inch Retina Display
Apple MacBook Pro MC975LL/A MC975D/A MC975B/A MC975F/A
Apple MacBook Pro MC975J/A MC975K/A MC975N/A MC975Y/A MC975X/A
Apple MacBook Pro MC976LL/A MC976D/A MC976B/A MC976F/A
Apple MacBook Pro MC976J/A MC976K/A MC976N/A MC976Y/A MC976X/A

Porduct Warranty

FAQ:My original Apple A1297 Power Supply has different output voltage and amperage from yours, does your replacement adapter really work?

Sure, we guarantee our replacement adapter work with your laptop or netbook if your adapter part number or laptop model number is included in our compatible list. Our adapter has +/- 1 voltage allowance. For example, our 19V adapter automatically switches its output voltage to 18.5V, 19V, 19.5V, or 20V accordingly when it is plugged in. It will be no problem if the output current (A - Amperage) of your original adapter is smaller than ours. For example, our 90W adapter (19V x 4.73A) can replace your genuine 65W (19V x 3.42A) or 75W (19V x 3.95A) adapter without any problems as long as they have same output voltage and connector tip. For tip size and shape, you can put your mouse on the adapter picture in product page to get a close-up image and read the details. Higher power adapter has no impact on your laptop because the laptop drawsbsas as many amps and watts as it needs while the adapter just provides as much power as the laptop draws.

How to maximize the performance of your laptop ac adapter

Prevent the Memory Effect -Keep the apple a1297 adapter healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging it at least once every two to three weeks. Exceptions to the rule are Li-Ion adapters which do not suffer from the memory effect.

Keep the laptop Adapters Clean - It's a good idea to clean dirty apple a1297 ac adapter contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. This helps maintain a good connection between the adapter and the portable device.

Exercise the Adapter - Do not leave the adapter dormant for long periods of time. We recommend using the adapter at least once every two to three weeks.

If you don't plan on using the apple a1297 charger for a month or more, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion adapters will self-discharge during storage; remember to recharge the adapters before use.

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